University President

Prof. Bassam AL-Mahasneh  

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Gracious!

 Blessings and Peace of Allah, the almighty, be upon Prophet Mohammed, the most honorable and the last of the messengers!!

As the president of Tafila Technical University, and on behalf of the family of Tafila Technical University, including the faculty members, the workers as well as  students, I am pleased to cordially welcome you in its virtual space and to thank you for your interest in Tafila Technical University. Here, I take this opportunity to talk to you about Tafila Technical University.

Tafila Technical University was established by a royal decree issued on the seventeenth of January 2005 in the city of Tafila, 187 km to the south of the Jordanian capital, Amman. Tafila Technical University is distinguished by its attractive technical specializations and its distinguished location. Currently, there are about 7,000 students enrolled at the university. Knowingly, the university deals with its students in a warm-hearted manner, the way a mother views her sons; it is very common among the university circles to term the relation between students and workers as “the family of Tafila Technical University”.

Tafila Technical University, since establishment, has represented a unique success story by acting as a rising star in the world of science, knowledge and creativity, exactly responding to the perpetual saying “building the human being is the basic pillar for the renaissance of any society and the achievement of development in any country”. The university has accordingly embraced quality standards in everything that might reflect positively on its facilities and life, with a high and accurate level of details.

Tafila Technical University is proud to be in Tafila Governorate, the Hashemite Governorate that is the noble incubator for the university. The university launched the slogan “The University lies in the heart of Tafila and Tafila lies in the heart of the university.”  The university is located amidst the huge mining industries, such as phosphates and cement. It is not far from the Dead Sea, where the potash industry and other industries that are related to the salts of the Dead Sea. The University also embraces the ruins of the Edomites and overlooks Dana Valley with dignity and pride. Amazingly, the university also enjoys the scenery of Afra and Al-Barabitah natural mineral water baths where one can take an evening bath and perform ablution for dawn prayers in the water of Majjhoul waterfalls.

Tafila Technical University further takes pride to be a student-centered university that spares no effort in providing the best to the student, whether in terms of academic specializations or services provided to the student or in follow- up even after graduation from the university. The university harnesses all its capabilities to provide quality services to students at all levels since it has ambitions to become the first technical university in the Kingdom and to occupy a worldwide reputation in the world of modernity, innovation and scientific research.

I hope this site provides the valuable information that website visitors are looking for about our university and its community in terms of the programs it offers for new students, its strategic plan, vision, mission, advertisements, events and opportunities for training courses.