This Center was established in 2009 due to the awareness of the University of the Importance of this center in the southern region where renewable energy and shale exist. These natural resources have motivated competent entities to establish a research center that supports the exerted efforts in exploiting and using this richness. The current century has experienced the dangers of the depletion of energy. The huge rise in oil prices encouraged the search for alternative sources of energy. Renewable energy has become an interest for the whole world due to its importance, and this encouraged countries to search for alternative resources of energy and power.

Jordan is considered one of the leading countries to use renewable energy as it imports more than 96% of its energy. Unlike renewable energy sources, fossil fuel and other traditional sources of energy are expensive, cause pollution, and emanate carbon dioxide. That is why it is important to look for new sources of energy.

There is no doubt that we need seriously to search for new resources of energy and use the latest techniques and methods for generating and transporting this energy. There is a great concern of air pollution in the cities, acid rains, oil spilling, nuclear dangers, rising earth temperatures, and global warming.  This concern encouraged scientists and experts to use pioneering techniques and exploit the sun energy. The direct thermal and heat transformation of the sun radiations to electrical energy through the sun cells is considered a new and advanced energy. Besides, this transformation can be a strategic industry because of its importance as a future source of energy and its great role in keeping the environment clean and free from pollution. There are other natural resources of energy such as the wind, water, .etc.  The center cooperates with several sectors concerned with research and development in Jordan to raise the awareness of the Jordanian people to the significance of renewable.

The role academic institutions play in economic development and the availability of the expertise that can create the desired change and the desired economic growth all over the kingdom has been widely recognized. The center and the university will develop an interest in desert regions. The center has been selected as a member of the Global Network for Renewable Energy. The center is committed to following up and supervising research related to renewable energy. Besides, it promotes the effective and cheap exploitation of energy existing in the world’s deserts for the benefit of mankind.

What has been achieved by using shale as an alternative fuel in Jordan does not live up to expectations. The center will, therefore, assume the task of supporting all the exerted efforts in this field through activating and empowering the role of the university labs, its different workshops, and staff this year.