Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee (EDI)

The EDI section services the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee, which was established in 2018. This Committee brings together representatives from the University’s General Board and Council, Academic Faculties, the Registrar, Human Resources Division, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students.

The Committee has the responsibility to:

  1. Promote and encourage Equality, Diversity and Inclusion across the University and ensure access to opportunity and development.
  2. Be a repository of information and expertise on equality, diversity, and inclusion matters.
  3. To support the work of the Council of Deans to ensure that the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded in the organization and help to deliver the charity’s public benefit.
  4. To review and oversee the establishment, delivery, and maintenance of an effective EDI action plan across the whole of the University’s activities, that supports the achievement of the organization’s objectives and strategic goals.

To fulfil these aims the work of the committee will focus on:

  1. Runing a snapshot equality and diversity survey of the membership. This will provide the data needed to build a comparative picture.
  2. Re-establish diversity monitoring at joining the organization.
  3. Identify solutions to the issues raised by the diversity survey.
  4. Communicating regularly with the membership about the work of the committee about the committee’s plans and activities.