The department was established in 2005 and is responsible for all of the university’s financial tasks and duties.  It is assigned the task of preparing the annual budget of the university, as well as pursuing the ratification and implementation duly.  The department also undertakes the tasks of preparing the final accounts, receiving and collecting university funds, crediting the accounts and performing the bookkeeping of the university. Finally, the department assumes the duties of paying all the expenses, salaries and allowances of the envoys and any other liabilities and obligations that might ensue later on.



The financial department assumes other duties and tasks such as: supervising and monitoring the university’s bank accounts, following up the management of the financial facilities and monetary flow, and implementing the preparation of the final university accounts in order to submit them to the proper authorities for approval and ratification. The department also implements the financial and administrative processing of the funds entitled to the university employees, such as: (the provident fund, the end-of-service remuneration fund) and the funds related to the students. It also undertakes the financial duties and tasks of the university as well as conducting financial studies. The department adopts a strategic plan for developing and updating its systems and financial operations through the use of advanced computerized programs specifically prepared for this purpose.


Organizational Structure:  

The department assumes its tasks and duties through a bureau of five sections. These sections are:

  1. Budget (Final Accounts)
  2. Salaries
  3. Funds and Revenue
  4. Audition
  5. Expenses