The clinic was established inside the University campus and it consists

Of the following divisions:

  • Physicians Division
  • Registry and Accounting Division
  • Laboratory Division
  • Pharmacy and Drug Depot Division.

The clinic performs the following tasks and duties:

  1. Providing health and therapeutic services through examination and treatment of all faculty and administrative staff and their families and university students.
  2. Provision of medicines, medical supplies, laboratory materials and dental materials through the organization of an annual tender in cooperation with the Tenders Department and the Central Tenders Committee at the University.
  3. Examination and treatment of emergency cases for students of housing at the university after the end of working hours and until the next morning.
  4. Organize a special file for each employee and teacher and their families and students in the Registry Division for the clinic, patients and medications written to the patient and maintain the medical record and the application of the computer program of the clinic.
  5. Supplying female student’s house, kitchen, restaurant, workshops and laboratories with some first aid materials.
  6. Conduct the necessary laboratory tests for patients and according to the medical condition in the clinic laboratory and there is an addition number of lab. Tests in coordination with the Department of Biology to take advantage of the devices available in their laboratory.
  7. Providing dental services of all kinds in the Dental Division.
  8. Providing integrated nursing services by the nursing staff in the clinic.
  9. Participation in the Health Insurance Committee and the Medical Committee at the University.
  10. Provide medical advice to the university administration when necessary.
  11. Carry out periodic inspections to the university kitchen and restaurant and the places of selling meals inside the university through a committee formed for this purpose.


Excellence in providing health and medical care through the formation of an integrated medical center that follows the most up-to-date developments in the field of health care and providing a distinguished medical service in a way that achieves a university environment based on the principle of preserving the health and integrity of the academic and administrative staff and their families.


Providing a distinguished and safe medical service of high-quality with a commitment to continuous development and improvement and the optimal use of the resources available through the qualified medical staff and modern technologies with the aim of effectively contributing to raising the level of medical sponsorship and serving the university’s affiliates.


– Providing advanced health and medical services.

– Disseminating health awareness at various levels.

– Making the clinic the primary reference in providing medical services to affiliates.

– Coordination with the health departments in the province.

– Developing the skills of the health and medical staff and developing their capabilities


A- The patient first: The patient is the focus of our attention to determine and meet his needs.

B – Respect the patient’s values and privacy: We are committed to respecting the patient’s values and maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of information about his illness.

C- Credibility and accountability: We maintain our credibility in dealing with patients and also we acknowledge our submission to accountability out of commitment to professional and job ethics.

D- Social responsibility: We are committed to our role in community service.

E- Continuous education: We are committed to education, development and following up on everything new in the field of medical care.