Dr. Buthaina Al Obaidieen- Director

The Department of Media and Communication was established since the university was founded, to implement the university’s orientations in achieving communication between the university and the local community by interacting with the community’s community and its academic and official institutions to keep pace with the university’s progress and development. Department of Media and Communication in any institution is the sincere mirror capable of conveying the bright image of the institution’s giving and achievements, strengthening cooperation with other parties and providing an atmosphere of trust with its clients, contacting many institutions, cultural, scientific, press and other institutions in Jordan in order to introduce the university and answer questions from those parties The institutions are concerned with the academic aspects of the university. The department also supervises the printing and distribution of flyers and brochures, and documents news related to the university, news, articles, investigations, bulletins, magazines, pictures and films.
The role of Department of Media and Communication to receive information from the public extends to work through this information to develop the university, as it has a role in meeting the public’s desires and needs in various aspects, and creating a positive mental image of the institution with the external public.

The Department of Media and Communication takes care of students as a field for its activities with this vital group of society, where the department of Department of Media and Communication works from its contemporary concept to increase their knowledge and knowledge. It also reveals their energies and abilities; develops their skills, and equips them with social, cognitive and cultural values. The internal staff and student in universities represents the main axis of the Department of Media and Communication and are considered the important foundation upon which public relations activity is based


Disseminating explained and interpreted information ideas and facts, to the people of the institution, as well as conveying information and opinions and facts from the masses to the institution in order to reach harmony and adaptation between the institution and the Department of Media and Communication . The department undertakes the task of planning and organizing activities and businesses and events related to the institution’s internal and external audiences associated with it for the sake of retention and creating good relations with them, influencing their trends, being keen to win their support, and creating a good mental image
The core strategy of the PR and Media Department is to manage the reputation of the institution.

The Department of Department of Media and Communication constitutes an important aspect of the university’s administrative and media structure, as its tasks focuses primarily on presenting the honorable and truthful civilized image of the university, by highlighting its achievements, activities, development and communication with the local community as well as interacting with official and non-official academic          institutions and bodies, and by providing media that are read and viewed

Our Divisions

  • Public Relations and Media Division
  • Media Division
  • Bureau Division
  • Secretarial
  • Design and printing
  • Photography
  • Theaters and amphitheaters