The College of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) began its operation and student enrollment in the year 2020. The college offers several academic programs, including bachelor’s degrees in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Cyber Security, Computer Information Systems, and Smart Devices Computing. Additionally, it provides a master’s program in Cyber-Physical Systems and a 2-year diploma program in Network and Information Security. This is to meet the increasing societal demand for these technical specializations under the Computer Science and Information Technology departments.

    The College of ICT at Tafila Technical University is committed to providing all scientific requirements and specialized faculty members, many of whom are graduates of European and American universities. The college continues to strive for continuous improvement and an increase in personnel and specializations through a thoughtful plan. It constantly seeks to develop curricula and study programs in line with the requirements of the job market and society.

    The college works diligently with its various teams to enhance the educational environment by developing and establishing new laboratories to keep up with technological advancements. On the other hand, the college aims to build ongoing partnership relationships with the local market and leading technology companies to ensure the development of the educational process. It organizes periodic meetings with prominent companies and technology experts to stay informed about the latest developments, job market requirements, and necessary skills to focus on in the course materials.

    Furthermore, the college plays a crucial role in developing students’ research, creative, and social skills by encouraging and guiding them, fostering a spirit of competition among them. This directly contributes to shaping their personalities and increasing their chances of obtaining various jobs. The college is dedicated to fostering teamwork among students through the ICT student Club, which includes a large number of students divided into teams of different specializations. The college organizes and sponsors all activities proposed by the club teams, working to improve and implement them in line with the college’s vision and goals.

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