To establish Tafila Technical University as Jordan’s foremost institution in technical education, to achieve a leading position in scientific research, and to become a beacon of civilizational, intellectual, and cultural radiance for the Jordanian, Arab, and global communities.


The mission of Tafila Technical University is to create an appropriate environment for education, learning, scientific research, entrepreneurship, and innovation, especially in the technical field. This is to be accomplished through competent faculty members and curricula that keep pace with modern developments, aiming to prepare a generation capable of carving their own paths in the labour market and the realm of creativity and excellence.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To provide an attractive university environment that retains and attracts the best faculty members and students.
  2. To stimulate creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, scientific research, and to develop institutional performance.
  3. To effect a positive, active, and tangible impact on the local community.
  4. To manage the university’s resources wisely and to explore new funding sources.
  5. To steer the university towards becoming a global technical research university.
  6. To network with industry.
  7. To found an integrated system for controlling and ensuring quality in various facilities and aspects of university life by achieving local and international accreditation and quality control standards.

Our Values

1. Leadership and academic innovation.
2. Adherence to local and global quality standards
3. Working in the spirit of one team, encompassing management, faculty, and students, to achieve the university’s higher objectives.
4. Promoting a culture of continuous institutional development.
5. Working towards diversity among students and faculty members in terms of social, geographic, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, to establish values of justice and acceptance of others.
6. Publicizing the university’s achievements with confidence and pride.
7. Diligently working to promote values of justice and tolerance.
8. Working to deepen national belonging through positive role modelling and leveraging national occasions for celebration as a means to achieve this.
9. Involving the local community to become an integral part of the university, and ensuring the university is an integral part of the local community