Conceived under the auspices of the esteemed Royal Decree, the College of Arts was established as a distinct entity within the Tafila Technical University in 2005. It achieved autonomy from the College of Educational Sciences in September 2006. Initially comprising three departments — Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, and Humanities and Social Sciences — the departments of Arabic and English have been conferring bachelor’s degrees since their establishment. Today, the college boasts a dynamic academic body of 25 faculty members and 6 administrative staff. The college’s doctorate holders, numbering 18, are distinguished across various academic ranks from professor to lecturer, supplemented by 7 master’s degree holders. The college is ardently progressing towards introducing master’s programs in literature and linguistics for both the Arabic and English departments. It is committed to fortifying students with the finest pedagogical methodologies and cutting-edge academic quality in the fields of Arabic, English, and Humanities and Social Sciences. This includes promoting academic achievement, fostering specialized research, hosting scholarly symposiums and conferences, serving, and developing the local community, and enhancing the educational and learning process. The college’s future blueprints aim to elevate its stature and that of the university on both regional and global scales.

     The college is revitalizing the Writing and Translation Unit established on December 4, 2014, which was temporarily suspended due to various circumstances. This unit, administratively affiliated with the College of Arts, extends its services in academic, artistic, creative writing, as well as technical, legal, and general translation and proofreading to the university’s students, faculties, academic departments, centres, and various administrative units. It aims to cultivate the university students’ skills in writing, translation, and editing through specialized workshops and courses and employs specialists from the college and outstanding students to operate within the unit. Students and university staff can engage with these experts through visits by prior appointment or via the unit’s dedicated linguistic hotline.