The Human Resources Department was established and started its work in 2005, as its former name was the Personnel Affairs Department until the University Council decided on 3/9/2014 to change its name to the Human Resources Department. To keep pace with the academic and administrative development at the university and since that date it undertakes various work related to the affairs of the two faculty members And administrative in terms of appointment, promotion, transfer, promotion, confirmation, annual increase, assignment, secondment, leave of all kinds, delegation, social security, life insurance, medical insurance and preservation Files for workers, training courses, statistics, and various personnel issues.

The department has endeavored to fulfill all the necessary requirements for workers at the university efficiently and effectively, as it focuses on the human element, which is the most valuable and influential element of management in the productivity and efficiency of administrative organizations.

The Department of Human Resources was characterized by an active, relentless movement, as all the information related to the department was computerized and processed from its various aspects, by placing it in a computerized image that keeps pace with development, and in line with the requirements of the times, to form an easy entrance to get to know the Tafila Technical University.


To recruit and maintain qualified and trained human resources staff with extensive experience and to provide quality in the services provided and an excellence in performance


Providing qualified, trained and distinguished human resources to achieve the university’s vision and goals related to human resources.


  • Quality in the services provided.
  • Teamwork
  • Credibility
  • Integrity
  • Minutes of meetings, decisions and recommendations related to formulating the vision of the institution.
  • Minutes of the Human Resources Committee.
  • Recommending the establishment of an office for human resource development and e-learning.
  • Assisting the Quality Assurance Center in providing all necessary information to achieve quality in the offered academic programs and specializations.


Faculty Members Sections

Members of the administrative body Sections

Health Insurance and life insurance for workers’ and students’ Sections

Department’s achievements

  • Adjust and reset the systems, instructions and procedures it is computerized and simplified.
  • Developing and updating electronic employee performance evaluation forms.
  • Checking, updating and merging job titles at the university.
  • Developing and updating the website data for the Human Resources Department.
  • Providing real and accurate information about employees to the university administration regarding their experiences, qualifications and employment status.
  • Preparing periodic statistics on human cadres.
  • Providing a huge computerized information base on human cadres and linking them electronically with all colleges and departments of the university, especially the admission and registration unit, the financial affairs unit, the library and the supplies department, in addition to the fingerprint control systems and offices in the colleges.
  • Preparing electronic files with basic information about employees, synonymous with the electronic archiving system.
  • Completing part of the computer program system for faculty members and university workers and linking them to electronic portals.

Department’s organizational structure:

  • Department Director
  • Assistant Director of the Department
  • The department includes the following divisions: the faculty members division, the administrative staff division, the health and social insurance division, in addition to the department bureau.
Contact us
Dr. Director of the Human Resources Department
Tel: Ext 1150
Office of the Assistant Director of the Human Resources Department
Tel: Ext 1139
For any inquiries about the progress of transactions, please call the department’s office at phone number: Ext. 1151
For any questions regarding faculty members, please call Phone No .: Ext 1338
For any inquiries regarding administrative staff and users, please call Phone No.: Ext 1330
For any health and life insurance inquiries, please contact:
Phone: Ext 1139/1392