The General Services Department was established at Tafila Technical University in 2005 and includes five divisions: –

  1. General Services (Occupational Housing Branch, Public Safety Branch
  2. Agriculture Division.
  3. Nutrition section
  4. Cleaning section
  5. Hall Observers Division


Excellence in providing public services to the university


Maintaining the provision of services and endeavoring to develop them and using appropriate means and methods in order to improve the level of services provided by the department.                                                                                                                .


Providing an attractive environment on the university campus through the Agriculture Division.

  • Providing means of transportation for employees and students to serve them in their

Various work and activities

  • Assist employees in completing their assigned work
  • Monitoring buildings and reporting maintenance work in them
  • Assisting the University Security Department during the conduct of elections for students through the Hall Observers Division.
  • Improving and developing the delivery of various services (cleaning facilities, agricultural services, squares, internal housing and functional housing).
  • Joint coordination with all departments at the university to perpetuate the preservation of the reality of services, so that the university appears at the lost level.

Agriculture Division 

Division of Services Department

  • Agriculture Division The Agriculture Division performs the following tasks and includes 20 employees: –
  • Work on planting trees and planters of various kinds in the various campus sites
  • Paying attention to the crops on the university campus in terms of irrigation, cultivation, weeding, fertilization, and pruning, through the cadres in this division.
  • Control of insect pests, fruit tree picking (if any)

Transportation and Mechanics Division, which includes 19 employees

  • This division provides transportation services, both internally and externally, and secures the needs of all.
  • Follow-up of all university vehicle files of various types, including maintenance, insurance and licensing.

The Cleaning Division

Which includes (49) male and female employees

  • Cleaning the various university buildings and facilities
  • Cleaning the university squares, streets and gardens
  • Supervising the transportation works inside the university buildings.

General services (internal housing and public safety) and includes 7 employees.

  • Supervising and following up on functional housing and providing all the necessary hygiene, water and agriculture.
  • Work on conducting the housing of faculty members according to the instructions for job accommodation.

Follow up on the readiness of alarm systems and extinguishers in the university buildings

Immediately reporting dangerous places at the university.

  • Regular inspections of buildings and compliance with public safety requirements
  • Ensure the validity of public safety devices and work to maintain them through the competent companies

Nutrition Division and includes (25) employees

  • Providing daily meals for students.
  • Providing the necessary hospitality for university visitors.

Hall Observers Division and its staff includes (21) employees

  • It seeks to monitor buildings and report maintenance work.
  • Assisting the Security Department during exams for students