Tafila Technical University Library has been playing an essential role in serving researchers and beneficiaries, including faculty members and students, since the university was first founded. In order to access the information sources, they need in the fastest way and in the shortest possible time and with the help of library staff who are fully prepared to provide the necessary instructions, guidance and support to library patrons to achieve optimal use of its resources.

In the Library Department, we seek to achieve a number of main goals, which are to create a comfortable and sustainable educational environment to serve the patrons of our library, to pursue their studies and research activities , and to obtain high-quality library collections and provide them to the beneficiaries after carefully cataloging them and conducting effective management .We also seek to provide a large number of traditional and electronic sources and references by subscribing to electronic databases and searching the electronic library, which includes the library index, electronic archiving of periodicals and magazines, in addition to CDs, in an effort to support the educational and research process at the university.

We also provided quiet and equipped classrooms for individual study and others for group studies, and provided a number of electronic research devices to facilitate searches in the library’s holdings and access to them with less time and effort. The library will also not hesitate to serve the beneficiaries by providing the sources and references that researchers need, whether from local, Arab or international publishing houses, or through mutual loan between public university libraries if they are not available in the university library.