The decision to establish the college of science came in line with the technical development and the remarkable and tremendous progress that our world is experiencing today, which requires the education, training, and qualification of cadres to be able to fulfill the comprehensive renaissance. They represent important pillars for any civilized scientific renaissance in various fields and a true nucleus for any desired scientific and technical progress, which are Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and life sciences.

To raise the level of the educational process, according to the latest applicable regulations, in line with international quality standards, and to continue to support scientific research and encourage researchers in order to build effective joint cooperation with universities and research centers at the local and global levels, so that the college plays a better role towards achieving its mission and goals. The college is still looking to a promising future, looking for all that is in line with the spirit of the times and development. Therefore, we welcome every proposal and opinion that contributes to the development and progress of the college.