We are looking forward all the time to realize the extreme perfection for providing our different services to academic and administrative staffs in the university, as well as to serve our dear students the best way. We seek the highest level of acceptance and satisfaction when doing maintenance jobs and we undertake the responsibility to realize the main objectives of our beloved university. Our goal is to offer typical maintenance services that provide comfortable and productive environment for teaching and working.


Our message is to keep the readiness of university facilities inside and outside the campus working the best way. This includes electricity, water cycles and piping, telecommunications, construction works, central heating, elevators, blacksmithing, carpentry, painting, etc. We keep the readiness and continuity of all university facilities so that academic staff, administrative staff, and students can perform their tasks the best way all the time and under all weather conditions. We participate in the preparation of all university ceremonies so that activities come out the best and safest way.


We work hard in a wonderful teamwork to achieve the following objectives:

  • Perform maintenance works with the highest level of efficiency and quality, with the lowest costs.
  • Preserve university buildings, infrastructure, and facilities all the time.
  • The commitment of conditions, specifications, and disciplines of all signed agreements between university and companies, when we do maintenance works.
  • Shortening the time needed to fix breakdowns as much as possible.
  • Intensify the efforts of rationalizing water and electricity consuming.
  • Create a motivative environment for department employees where locality and morale are dominant.
  • Participate in realizing the global university objectives for being the best university in Jordan.