The Investment Fund Office was established in April 2019 to invest it’s allocations, and to allocate the resulting revenues to support the activities of the University, particularly financing its developmental projects. The Fund is subject to the provisions of Law No. (55) year 2016 issued pursuant to Article (33) of the Jordanian Universities Law No. (20) year 2009

, and its work is regulated financially, technically and organizationally through regulations and legislations approved by the Board of Trustees, and the Investment Committee.

The Fund is independent financially and administratively, and has an independent budget. Fund’s resources consist of the following:

  1. Annual share allocated by the University to the Fund.
  2. Donations and assistance: movable and immovable.
  3. Revenues from the investment of the Fund’s allocations.


. To achieve profitable and sustainable investment returns to the University in accordance to best standards and investment practices, and contribute to its economic growth through expansion of investment base and establishment of strategic partnerships between the Fund and the private sector to achieve best results to the Fund which will positively affect the University and its employees.


Managing the allocations of the Investment Fund office to achieve the highest levels of investment returns in partnership with all sectors


  •  Responsibility.
  •  Professionalism.
  •  Sustainability.
  •  Institutional governance.


  • Meeting the needs of university employees and students within the resources available to the Fund
  • Increasing the fund’s profits, expanding and diversifying the fund’s investments.
  • Searching for new funding sources.
  • Seek to manage the financial risks resulting from the expansion and diversification of the fund’s activities by preparing economic feasibility studies for projects.


  • Investment section
  • Budget section
  • Loans section

The Board of Trustees assumes the following functions:

  1. Decides the general policy for investing allocations of the Fund and developing the necessary plans and actions.
  2. Discusses the Committee’s recommendations to decide action plans.
  3. Accepts donations and assistance to the Fund.
  4. Allocates the necessary requirements of the Fund.
  5. Approves the activities of the University that require finance from investment revenues.
  6. Approves projects that are wholly or partly financed from the Fund’s revenues.
  7. Approves the arbitrage of the Fund.
  8. Approves of the budget and the final account.
  9. Authenticates the annual report submitted by the Committee
  10. Appoints a legal auditor for one year.

The Fund Management Committee assumes the following functions:

  1. Implements the Fund’s general policy.
  2. Supervises the financial and administrative policy of the Fund.
  3. Purchases, sells and invests immovable funds..


The Fund Committee is formed under a decision of the Board of Trustees, consisting of:

  1. Two members of the Council.
  2. Two employees from the University.
  3. Two experienced from outside the University.