Here are some examples of how our staff can support you:

  • Help with study-related issues
  • Help you to identify online or other resources
  • Help with time management and workload issues
  • Assist with support for numeracy or statistics issues
  • Direct you to other student support services as needed
  • Help with effective note-taking and note-making, exam revision, etc.
  • Assist postgraduate students to develop their research and thesis-writing skills
  • Help you to clarify the focus and scope of an assignment topic and can assist with developing a plan to structure your ideas
  • Support you to improve your writing — sentence structure, paragraph formation, etc.
  • Assist you to prepare a well-structured oral presentation or seminar. They can also run through it with you and provide constructive feedback.

How do I make an appointment?

You can also find us online on the Student Support Portal on Moodle. There are many useful resources and you can book classes and appointments.


Prebooked 1:1 or group tutorials. Contact us at:
Dr. Ashraf AL-safasfeh
tel: +962 (3) 2250326 ext.: 1084