Dean: Dr. Abdullah AL-Mahasneh


Praise be to Allah the most gracious the most merciful, who taught mankind what he did not know, and prayers and peace be upon the teacher of mankind, our prophet Muhammad, and his family and copmpanions.

I am pleased to meet you via the electronic page of the college of science at Tafila Technical University. It  is my great pleasure to seize this great opportunity to present a brief overview of the college.

College of science was established in 2005 with the establishment of Tafila Technical University. It was established within the framework of the university’s interest in scientific and technical programs to emphasize its effective role in development and progress and keeping pace with rapid change and progression in the scientific worldwide community, which requires well-trained and qualified scientific capabilities that have the potential to fulfill scientific and educational requirements, and effectively serve in public and private sectors in their scientific fields; nationally and globally. The college currently includes four academic departments: the department of chemistry and techno-chemistry, the department of applied physics, the department of mathematics, and the department of applied biological sciences. The duration of study at the college for the bachelor degree is four years. The college awards bachelor degree in six specializations: chemistry, techno-chemistry, applied physics, mathematics, applied statistics, and applied biological sciences. It also awards master’s degree in techno-chemistry and applied mathematics, and work is currently underway to develop  integrated technical programs for the bachelor’s degree in the disciplines of chemistry and physics in accordance with national and international accreditation criteria. The college contains numerous teaching and research laboratories that qualify the bachelor and master students to apply and expand their scientific knowledge they have been studying in their respective programs, furthermore, enable faculty members to conduct highly developed scientific researches. It is worth mentioning that the college encourages distinguished qualitative scientific research, supports the publication of applied researches in international-refereed-indexed journals as well as motivates participation in local, regional, and global conferences, workshops, and seminars, which are conductive to achieve the goals, vision and mission of the university that focus attention on creating state-of-the-art educational and research-based environment to effectively serve and develop the society.