Mathematics being a key ingredient in the scientific progress, the university made the decision in the 2nd semester of the year 2005/2006 to establish a department for mathematics. The department has a 14 members have PhD degree, and four members have master degree, all graduated from well known, research based international universities in various specializations, to provide a fertile growth environment in line with the objectives of the university.


 To prepare highly qualified graduates with the right scientific research commensurate with the professional demands of the work market. In addition to enriching the scientific research.


  1. Provide the graduate with the necessary tools to develop their scientific and logical thought processes.
  2. Provide the needs of the market for specialists in mathematics.
  3. Prepare students to be qualified to further their education to higher levels.
  4. Encourage scientific research and sharing through publication in scientific journals.
  5. Provide support for participation in specialist conferences, seminars and workshops.
  6. Provide platforms of communications with groups of similar background and interest such as science and engineering.


Elevating the level of the department graduates scientific and technological to the kingdom at a distinguished level locally and globally