The Applied Physics Department was founded during the academic year 2005/2006 with the aim of equipping students with the necessary knowledge and concepts to effectively contribute to society in the areas of teaching, engineering, and industry. The department boasts a wide range of practical laboratories, covering subjects such as mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and vibration, optics, electronics, intermediate practical physics, atomic and nuclear physics, solid-state physics, and computer applications in physics. With a team of sixteen faculty members specializing in diverse experimental and theoretical physics fields, the department offers a comprehensive education and research environment for students.


The establishment of the Applied Physics Department represents a significant undertaking, aimed at equipping our students with the essential knowledge and conceptual frameworks necessary for their effective contributions to society in the fields of education, engineering, and industry. Our department boasts a rich array of practical laboratories, encompassing various scientific disciplines such as mechanics, electromagnetism, waves and vibration, electronics, optics, intermediate practical physics, atomic and nuclear physics, solid-state physics, and computer applications in physics. With a distinguished faculty comprising sixteen experts, each specializing in their own unique area within the multidimensional landscape of experimental and theoretical physics, our department provides an academic and research environment that fosters comprehensive intellectual growth and scholarly exploration for our students.


The department aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of applied physics principles, practical skills, and hands-on experience. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, and multidisciplinary approaches to address contemporary challenges in engineering, technology, and industry. The department promotes research, collaboration, and knowledge exchange within the scientific community. It fosters a collaborative and inclusive learning environment, preparing students for successful careers in academia, research, industry, and other professional fields, while emphasizing lifelong learning and professional development.

Core Values:

The core values of the department revolve around excellence, innovation, collaboration, integrity, lifelong learning, diversity and inclusion, community engagement, and impact. These values guide our approach towards achieving the highest standards of academic and research excellence in applied physics while encouraging creative and innovative thinking. We foster a collaborative and inclusive environment that promotes teamwork, interdisciplinary approaches, and knowledge sharing. Upholding the highest ethical standards is fundamental to our work, and we emphasize the importance of continuous learning and professional development. We value diversity, respect different perspectives, and strive for inclusivity and equal opportunities for all. Engaging with the scientific community and society at large, we aim to make a positive impact through the application of physics principles to address real-world challenges.