To be a leading college in the field of Information Technology, providing distinguished and high-quality education that focuses on scientific research, leadership, innovation, creativity, and collaboration with the private sector. The college aims to emulate the best practical practices in Information Technology from global universities.


Providing students with practical skills and necessary knowledge through high-quality academic programs in Information Technology to enable them to be creative, innovative, and pioneers in the field of Information Technology. The goal is to prepare them for the local, regional, and global job market and contribute to the service and development of their societies.


  • Preparing alumni with high practical and life skills, qualified for the job market.
  • Building distinguished partnerships with local and international universities and outstanding institutions in the field of Information Technology.
  • Developing and updating academic programs to keep pace with the most important technological developments worldwide.
  • Attracting distinguished academic staff to enhance the programs offered at the college.
  • Create an educational and research environment that focuses on creativity, innovation, leadership, and serves the community.