Dean: Dr. Nancy AL-Ajarmeh


The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has become the cornerstone in various life domains, serving as a fundamental pillar for disciplines such as science, engineering, industry, medicine, economics, scientific research, and more. The significance of ICT in the growth and advancement of diverse fields is highlighted through providing essential tools for collecting, processing, analyzing, storing, and retrieving information at tremendous speeds. It also contributes to cost reduction and increased productivity.

At Tafila Technical University, we prioritize preparing students for the local and global job market by equipping them with the necessary skills and capabilities. This ensures they make a significant impact in serving societies. This commitment is evident in the College of ICT, which keeps pace with the latest specializations reflecting the increasing global demand for workforce in various and rapidly evolving ICT fields. The college offers the following quality bachelor’s degree specializations: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Cyber Security, Computer Information Systems, and Smart Devices Computing. Additionally, the college offers a master’s specialization in Cyber-Physical Systems and a 2-year diploma specialization in Network and Information Security.

The college meticulously designs and continually reviews its curricula to align with the best local and international standards that meet the rapid developments in ICT. The college boasts a faculty, a majority of whom have earned their qualifications from international universities. Through this faculty, the college seeks a competitive edge to serve students and the programs it offers.

The college establishes partnerships with both international and local universities through local and EU research, development, and innovation projects. It also collaborates with the private sector to bridge the gap between the requirements of the local, regional, and global job markets and academic programs.

The college focuses on preparing students for competitions and various local and international events. It strives to build diverse bridges and connections with public and private institutions in Jordan to serve students, train them, and prepare them for a smooth entry into the job market.

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