Computer Science department at Tafila Technical University was established with the aim of enhancing and developing expertise in the field of computer science and information systems. The department is characterized by its focus on achieving effective interaction between theoretical and applied aspects, intending to prepare specialized and efficient human resources capable of keeping pace with rapid changes in the job market in the field of information technology.
The department aims to support students and develop their scientific and applied skills in various areas of computer science, such as artificial intelligence, expert systems, graphics, database management systems, image processing, networks and their applications, information systems, cybersecurity, the Internet of Things, and data security. The curriculum is distinguished by its continuous updates to align with the latest technologies and scientific innovations, taking into account experiences from reputable universities worldwide.
The study period in the department lasts for four years, with the general specialization branching into two specialized branches: Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Graduates from the first branch receive a Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity, while graduates from the second branch receive a Bachelor’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.


The Computer Science department is committed to being a leading academic and research department at both the local and regional levels. It aims to graduate qualified individuals capable of engaging in the job market and producing advanced research and applied programs that meet the requirements of the era and contribute to the information technology revolution.

1. Preparing students in the specialized fields of Computer Science, including Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science, while also preparing advanced and specialized professionals in Computer Science to meet the needs of society, government agencies, and market.
2. Keeping pace with scientific and technological advancements by developing high-quality educational plans and curricula that contribute to the formation of academic and research professionals capable of serving the community.
3. Providing distinguished educational programs of quality that contribute to equipping students with fundamental knowledge and developing their analytical thinking abilities to prepare them as creative and talented leaders in the fields of science and technology.
4. Equipping students with practical skills required by the job market through the provision of advanced scientific and research computer laboratories.

Core Values

1. Excellence: The continuous aspiration for educational and research excellence.
2. Commitment: Commitment to ethics that support the smooth operation of the process

Contact Information

Classrooms Building, third floor