The College of Arts is committed to fostering distinguished academic pursuits, nurturing research that forms the cornerstone of national economic development, and cultivating a reputation that resonates with the university’s strong foundational ethos.


To imbue students with the most refined and contemporary educational methodologies, particularly in the realms of English, Arabic, and Humanities and Social Sciences. The college endeavours to pave the way for its graduates to integrate into public community services across national, regional, and international arenas by enriching society with qualified, trained talents capable of managing community needs and aspirations.


  1. Academic programs and specializations aligned with global academic standards.
  2. Enhancing scientific research with advanced research standards and employing it in Jordan’s socio-economic development.
  3. Attracting and nurturing outstanding academic talents and ensuring their sustained contribution to the university.
  4. Fostering a collaborative relationship between the college and the local community to enact a positive and effective impact.
  5. Promoting quality assurance and development activities contributing to the advancement of the college and university.


  • Nurturing the seekers of knowledge.
  • Upholding justice.
  • Commitment to comprehensive quality.
  • Fostering creativity.
  • Cultivating team spirit.
  • Strengthening a sense of belonging.