Dean: Dr. Hussain Zaidaneen


It is with great pleasure that I extend a cordial welcome to you through this portal to our College of Arts, encompassing three diverse departments: Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, and Humanities and Social Sciences. We earnestly implore the Almighty for the continued success and flourishing of our esteemed institution and its administration, aspiring to rival the finest universities regionally and beyond. We extend our best wishes for academic excellence to all our scholars across the various colleges. The college prides itself on offering an array of subjects that serve the entire university through the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, such as National Education, Military Sciences, and electives like Human Rights, Introduction to Domestic Violence, alongside compulsory courses from the Arabic and English Departments. These include Remedial Arabic, Arabic Communication Skills, Remedial English, and English Communication Skills, thereby facilitating a comprehensive engagement with, and service to, all university students through lectures, syllabi, detailed course descriptions, and related examinations, be they mid-term, final, or incomplete for all academic semesters.

     The establishment of this college was synchronously aligned with the foundation of the university and its other scientific and engineering counterparts, to serve as a beacon of service to both the local and national communities, injecting fresh and robust competencies into the workforce. It is our mission to fulfil the university’s vision and the college’s strategic plan of openness towards students, other colleges, the deanship of scientific research, and the deanship of student affairs by endorsing and aiding in extracurricular activities, sports, arts, recreational activities, and various university events including national, religious, and social celebrations, as well as our cherished graduation ceremonies. We diligently oversee the annual yearbook and other assorted activities. Additionally, the college is committed to fostering cooperation with various administrative departments within the university and the broader community. With our collective energies and expertise dedicated to the service of the university and its students, we warmly invite students from all departments and colleges to avail themselves of the educational, training, and counselling services our college offers. These services aim to assist in honing their linguistic abilities and augmenting their capabilities in writing, translation, and editorial work. We are pleased to assist in translation and editorial matters for official documents and correspondences related to the functioning of various colleges and departments, thanks to the commendable voluntary efforts of our esteemed faculty members.

     Moreover, the College of Arts, represented by its dean, administrative body, and students, is committed to forging a sterling reputation that reflects our distinctive academic calibre, fortifying our students with the finest and most contemporary educational methodologies in terms of academic quality. The college is profoundly invested in the scholarly pursuit of students, under the vigilant supervision of department heads and academic advisors, ensuring a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of each student’s scholastic journey. Concurrently, the university provides substantial support in facilitating students’ engagement with rigorous scientific inquiry, particularly through the provision of specialized courses. These courses, such as ‘Research Methodologies in Language and Literature’ and ‘Research Paper Writing,’ are meticulously designed to equip students with the essential competencies required for conducting scholarly research with precision and academic integrity. They are also involved in managing seminars, scientific conferences, and various committees.

     Additionally, the college offers a range of training courses designed to address a spectrum of student challenges in both Arabic and English. These courses are supervised by our faculty members and include topics like Arabic Calligraphy, Spelling and Writing, Common Linguistic Errors, the Art of Speech and Oratory, Reading and Writing Skills, Speaking and Listening, the Art of Questioning and Dialogue, among other key topics. These courses are complemented by a variety of competitions aimed at fostering these skills, such as contests in poetry, storytelling, reflective writing, and essay composition. These contests are rigorously evaluated by our specialized committees, with accolades awarded to the winners.

     In an anticipatory stride towards the future, the college aspires to introduce an array of novel programs that align with the nature of our technical university, such as technical English, master’s programs in Technical Arabic and English, and the Art of Media Writing. These endeavours aim to contribute significantly to the advancement of both the college and the university.

     May the Almighty safeguard you from all harm and distress, maintain our country as a haven of peace and tranquillity, and bestow upon our university a pivotal role and an authentic contribution in elevating our nation and achieving the loftiest standards of education, underscoring the importance of science and scholars in our beloved homeland.

     May God guide us all towards the welfare of our nation and our community, under the esteemed stewardship of the Hashemite family, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein and his trustworthy Crown Prince.