A cultural and intellectual enlightenment center at the national and regional levels, and to contribute to preparing a generation proud of its culture, heritage and national identity.


Fostering students with the best and latest methods of education in terms of academic quality, especially in the fields of English language, Arabic language, and human and social sciences. The college seeks to pave the way for its graduate students, who are the promising future force to engage in general community services at all national, regional and international levels alike. It also seeks to enrich the community with qualified and trained manpower capable of managing the society and meeting its needs.


  • Study programs and majors according to international academic standards
  • Academic research according to advanced research standards, and employing it in the economic, social and cultural development in Jordan
  • Employing distinguished academic competencies, raising their capabilities, and ensuring their continued service to the university
  • Cooperating with the Deanship of Student Affairs in refining the student’s personality, developing their skills, and providing them with spirit of initiative and creativity
  • Promoting partnerships between the university and the local community
  • Supporting quality assurance and developing activities which contribute to the university’s advancement