The College of Arts (CoA) was established with the issuance of the Royal Decree to establish Tafila Technical University in 2005 and it became independent from the College of Educational Sciences in September, 2006. The College of Arts began with three departments: Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature and Humanities and Social Sciences. The Departments of Arabic language and English language have started awarding bachelors’ degrees since then. Today, the number of faculty members is (22) members and (5) administrators.  The College of Arts is looking forward to developing masters’ programs in literature and linguistics in the departments of Arabic language and English language and literature.

In addition, the college of Arts aims at encouraging academic achievement, preparing specialized research, holding scientific seminars and conferences, serving and developing the local community, advancing the educational and learning process. The future plans of the college will contribute to raising the name of the college and the university on regional and global levels.