Towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions

As a responsible and forward-thinking institution, Tafila Technical University firmly believes in the significance of climate action. Recognizing the systemic and urgent global challenge posed by climate change, we are committed to playing our part in achieving a just transition towards net zero carbon emissions.

The Tafila Technical University has proactively undertaken measures to monitor and report the carbon emissions. As part of our dedication to environmental responsibility, we present these Carbon Emissions Reports to transparently showcase our progress and efforts towards reducing our carbon footprint. These reports demonstrate our commitment to addressing climate change, which revolves around achieving net zero emissions.

Within sustainability/climate action policy, we outline our climate-related objectives, aiming to achieve 100% net zero greenhouse gas emissions in our delegated portfolios by 2040.

Additionally, we are actively working towards a substantial 50% reduction in emissions by 2030. By setting ambitious targets and prioritizing sustainability, we take proactive steps to make a positive impact on our campus and contribute to the global fight against climate challenges.

As part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, Tafila Technical University has embarked on a transformative journey towards achieving net zero carbon emissions. This Pathway to Net Zero has been meticulously developed following the guidelines set forth by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions sources.

Our carbon footprint encompasses all scope 1 and scope 2 emissions, as well as emissions from business travel and commuting. With a resolute target to achieve net zero by 2040, these core emissions factors play a pivotal role in our carbon reduction strategy.

Scope 1: encompasses direct emissions from sources directly owned or controlled by the University, such as natural gas used in boilers. This scope is currently the main focus at the TTU.

Scope 2: involves indirect emissions arising from the generation of purchased energy consumed by the University, such as purchased electricity. The Tafila Technical University has successfully achieved net zero carbon emission in 2022 by having 100% renewable energy resources to cover the electricity energy needs at the campus.

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