TTU’s Sustainability Committee was formed from members of all faculties, composing a diverse team to integrate all aspects of sustainability into our research projects, educational programs, and campus operations. Our goal is to create a smart, sustainable campus community that sets the standard for an efficient, environmentally friendly living and learning environment. The Sustainability Committee is dedicated to converting TTU’s campuses into a role model for environmental stewardship and sustainability leadership by working together with all stakeholders to address and resolve important sustainability concerns. The main goal is to ensure that TTU sets an example for future generations by practicing sustainability in all aspects of campus life, implementing and teaching.

The sustainability committee is chaired by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs. The members are:

Prof. Kamal KhandakjiChairman
Prof. Reyad Al DwairiMember
Prof. Mohammad AlsoudMember
Prof. Suhail SharadqahMember
Prof. Ayman MansourMember
Dr. Abdullah AwadMember
Dr. Ashraf AlsafasfehMember
Eng. Mohammad ArniMember
Sumaia BadareenMember/Student
Rateb ZagaybehMember/Student