The vision of the center is to be a pioneer in the field of renewable energy; to develop the relationship and research with wind and solar energy stations in Tafila area in particular, and to conduct research in the field of environment and water, especially that the country suffers from drought problems, so that the center functions as a source of information on the environmental and water situation and energy in the region. On the other hand, we look forward to training our students in the solar energy projects at the university and wind energy projects in the region.


  • Securing financial support for students in special projects in the field of water, environment, and renewable energy in the field of integrated renewable energy engineering.
  • Training students to design, monitor, and maintain solar and wind energy systems through coordination with projects in the university and the region.
  • Work to maintain the productivity of the solar energy system in the university and strive to increase the available capacity through attracting investment.
  • Conducting field visits to the most important renewable energy and water treatment stations, coordination of conferences and seminars, and visits of specialists to the university.


  • Bringing about positive change in the field of energy, water, and the environment.
  • Promoting awareness of environmental issues.
  • Evolution and adaptation to developments in science and technology.


  1. Providing an applied learning environment for educational courses related to water, environment, energy, climate change, and sustainability.
  2. Achieving qualitative and quantitative excellence in applied scientific research locally and regionally.
  3. Contribute to improving the university’s global rankings.
  4. Developing the skills of students and researchers.
  5. Building strategic partnerships towards achieving sustainable development.
  6. Promoting innovative technological solutions in education, scientific research, and capacity building.