Scientific Research DivisionGraduate Studies Division:Scholarships Division:

The department administers the following responsibilities:

  1. Follow up on research projects and other scholarly activities as determined by the scientific research regulations and rules.
  2. Support scientific research projects for faculty members and students and ensure the rights of the university and its researchers.
  3. Prepare a yearly budget to subsidize the publication of research articles and books submitted by faculty members.
  4. Assign funds to cover the expenses of scientific research projects, especially those concerned with applied research.
  5. Participate in the work of the Higher Committee for Scientific Research in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through the membership of the Dean in it.
  6. Support scientific conferences locally and globally by participating in or holding conferences at the university.
  7. Make agreements with official bodies outside the university to support projects, conferences, and scientific visits.
  8. Prepare special forms for the department and contact the Computer and Information Technology Center to publish them on the university’s website.
  9. Arrange and prepare for the Scientific Research Council, receive recommendations, and submit them to the Deans’ Council.

The department supervises the implementation of the graduate studies regulations by handling the following tasks:

  1. Coordinate with the academic deanships to follow up on the affairs of graduate students to ensure the achievement of the desired goals in each program.
  2. Coordinate with the concerned colleges and the Department of Admission and Registration to set the date for and prepare the procedures for the comprehensive exam and thesis defence.
  3. Follow up on the academic progress of students through a program prepared by the Computer and Information Technology Center and prepare the necessary statistics in terms of their numbers, majors, and tracks.
  4. The Department is looking forward to introducing new MA and PhD programs to attract more students to the university.

Documents Required with Application Form

  1. A certified copy of general secondary school transcripts
  2. A certified copy of Diploma Graduate Certificate and the first university degree.
  3. An equation of degree approved by Jordan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for graduates of non-Jordanian non-Arab universities.
  4. A certified copy of official diploma and bachelor degree transcripts.
  5. A certified copy of the passport for non-Jordanian students.
  6. A birth certificate issued from Jordan Bureau of Civil Status and Passports or a certified copy.
  7. A certified copy of Identity Card issued by Jordan Bureau of Civil Status and Passports.
  8. A certified copy of the military service book for Jordanian male students or a military service  termination  certificate  for those who completed their military service or an exemption from military service.
  9. Approval of the authorities and institutions that require the applicant to obtain a prior approval before enrolment in postgraduate studies for those who are working in Jordan Armed Forces and Public Security Forces or even Tafila Technical University staff.
  10. A copy of TOEFL certificate approved by the centres accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  11. Approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for non-Jordanian students.
  12. A modern personal photo (Size 4 * 6).
  13. A receipt of 15 JD from Tafila Technical University Department of Finance (Enrolment application fee).

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , Tafila Technical University, Jordan

  1. O. Box 179 , Tafila 66110 , Jorda

Tel : +962- 32250326

Fax: +962- 32250002

The scholarship department assumes the following tasks:

  1. Follow up with the academic and financial affairs of the sponsored students and coordinate with the official authorities and various university departments that deliberate on their affairs to smooth their academic journeys.
  2. Prepare for the Scientific Scholarship Committee that considers academic and non-academic issues pertaining to the scholarship recipients and scholarship in general.
  3. Coordinate to make agreements with several international universities to assist students and scholarship candidates to secure admission into one of them.
  4. Advertise in the local official newspapers to attract distinguished students to the majors offered by the university after having contacted the concerned colleges.