The accounting department was established at the beginning of the academic year 2005/ 2006. It awards a bachelor degree in accounting. Courses are designed according to the requirements of business market and international professional standards. a continuous update for the courses syllabuses are taking place to cope with the changes in the accounting profession. English is the teaching language for most of courses in the department. This is done by academic staff (11) PHD and (3) MA who are qualified scientifically and practically, which has contributed in supplying skilled graduates, and consequently meet the needs of the local and global markets.


Achieve excellence and leadership in accounting education at the theoretical, practical, and research aspects


to offer a motivational educational environment, that provides students with the opportunity to develop their academic and professional skills in the various fields of accounting, in accordance with the international professional standards. Which in turn will distinctively qualify them for local) (private / government) and global business market.


  1. Graduating qualified student in the theoretical, practical and applied aspect in the field of accounting to meet the needs of the local and external market
  2. Rehabilitation of students by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills and training that make them wanted in the labor market.
  3. Contribute to knowledge through applied research.
  4. Serving the local community by providing qualified workers in the field of accounting
  5.  Creation of master degree in accounting in the short term.