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About Computer and Information Technology Center

The Computer and Information Technology Center was established in 2006 to be the university’s gateway to information technology. Since its establishment, the center has played a fundamental role in the establishment of infrastructure for the wired and wireless computer network which covers all of the university buildings. It continues to provide various electronic services to the university staff, students and the local community.

  • Vision

    Keeping pace with the progress in the areas of information and communication technologies.
  • Mission

    Preparing and developing infrastructure for the electronic services the center provides.
  • Values

    • Honesty
    • Discipline
    • Proficiency
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Credibility and teamwork
  • Objectives

    1 – Offering electronic services to students and staff in order to ease the educational process.

    2 - Supplying all university centers and units with the necessary software   to facilitate the administrative work.

    3- Preparing the university infrastructure to cope up with the increase in the number of students.

    4-  Providing computer consultations and services for public and private institutions.

    5-Making an optimal use of available computer resources.

    6- Offering information technology services to the local community.

  • Achievements

    The project of developing Computer Center (room servers).

    The project of developing the wireless network (WIFI).

    The project of developing electronic surveillance (CCTV).