Dr. Buthaina ObedeenDirector of the International Projects Office


Promote international strategic partnerships to reach a distinguished technical university that contributes to social and economic prosperity.


Attracting and managing international projects, through local, regional and international partnerships; motivating and empowering university employees to actively participate in international projects and programs; enhancing academic mobility programs for students, academics and administrators, in a way that improves the quality of education and scientific research and encourages creativity, innovation and leadership in light of globalization and a multi-world Cultures.


  • Developing relationships with international donors to support capacity building, innovation and leadership projects.
  • Strengthening relations with local, regional and international universities to improve the quality of education and scientific research and raise the university’s reputation.
  • Enhancing academic mobility programs and motivating academics, administrators and students to participate effectively.
  • Supervising the implementation and management of international projects in coordination with donors and partners.
  • Concluding agreements and memoranda of understanding with universities and regional and international research centers.

  • Creativity
  • Justice
  • commitment to quality
  • originality and modernization, team spirit, sense of affiliation, caring for students of knowledge