Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the oldest departments at the university and the largest in terms of numbers of students, and the diversity of academic programs in it. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers three bachelor’s programs in three different majors:

  1. Production and machine engineering: This specialization aims to graduate engineers with the ability to develop and introduce new products to the market by focusing on variety fields such as welding, forming, operating, measurements, quality control and production costs. It is concerned with the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of machine, manufacturing processes, and the development of raw materials, machines and devices used in various sectors of economic activities to meet all needs.
  2. Automobile Engineering: aims to provide students with different skills in the field of light and heavy vehicle design and production, in addition to diagnosing vehicle faults and inspecting with the latest equipment in the field. And to perform a continuous maintenance that enable improvement of their performance.
  3. Air conditioning, refrigeration and heating engineering: It aims to prepare students to perform air conditioning and heating designs and calculation for small and large scale buildings and this includes air conditioning, cooling, storage, and health requirements related to construction, urban, and food companies.

The department granted a master’s degree in Applied Mechanical Engineering which has been established recently with a total of 33 credit hours, and it is the first and only in the applied field of mechanical engineering. The number of years of study to obtain a bachelor’s degree in all disciplines is five years for regular students, and between three to four years for students of the bridging program, with (161) credit hours total.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering also awards two years diploma certificates in three different engineering programs:

  1. Computerized manufacturing technology: This specialization aims to prepare qualified technicians to carry out advanced manufacturing, operation, and formation work and to conduct some unconventional manufacturing production techniques using computer aided design.
  2. Electromechanical maintenance: This specialization aims to prepare qualified technicians to carry out maintenance work for equipment, appliances, electrical installations, welding works, cutting, and shaping metals, in addition to maintenance of heating, and plumbing systems.
  3. Maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles: This specialization aims to prepare trained and qualified technicians to diagnose mechanical and electrical faults in vehicles, especially electrical and hybrid ones using modern technologies.

Mechanical engineering department has 16 faculty members with a doctorate degree who graduated from prestigious universities, 2 faculty members of a master’s degree, 5 faculty members with a bachelor’s degree, 13 qualified supervisors. The Department has many laboratories and training workshops, which have a great role in increasing the ability to support theoretical courses with practical experience running under the supervision of well-trained engineers and creative technicians.

Major Labs and workshops in ME department:

  • Engineering Workshops I
  • Thermodynamics and Heat transfer Lab.
  • Strength of Material Lab.
  • Internal Combustion Engine Lab.
  • Theory of Machines Lab.
  • Measurements and Mechanical Vibrations Lab.
  • Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines Lab.
  • Metallurgical processes lab.
  • Manufacturing processes (1)/metal cutting workshop
  • Manufacturing processes (2)/ Metal forming workshop
  • Manufacturing processes (3) casting and welding workshop
  • Molds technology workshop
  • Computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM)
  • Manufacturing Processes Workshop
  • Heating Systems Workshop
  • Refrigeration Systems Workshop
  • Air Conditioning Systems Lab.
  • Applied Electricity Lab.
  • Automobile Engineering (1) lab.
  • Automobile Engineering (2) lab.
  • Automobile Diagnostics, Maintenance and Repair (1) Lab.
  • Automobile Diagnostics, Maintenance and Repair (2) Lab.
  • Electricity and Electronic System in Automobile lab.