The 14th International Conference on Education Navigating Future Strategies for Advancing Education and Interdisciplinary

Perspectives May 21-22, 2023Jointly organized by TTU, BSU, and USMBAHosted by TTU, Tafila, Jordan

welcome proposals for research papers to present at this annual conference.  Contributions should fit into one of the following themes:


Arabic and English onlyProposal in Arabic should be emailed to :

Dr Ahmed Qarareh  Proposal in English should be emailed to: Dr. Boivin, Jackie at  Dr. Rao, Madhu at

Conference chair

Prof : Omar Maaith


Dr. Ahmed Qarareh Coordinator and Co-Chair, the 14th International Conference on Education, Tafila Technical University

Dr. Jabbar Al-ObaidiCoordinator and Co-Chair, the 14th International Conference on Education, Bridgewater State University

Scientific Committee

Bridgewater State University

Tafila Technical University

Dr. Jacquelynne Boivin, Chair

Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud Thawabieh

Dr. Madhu Rao, Co-Chair

Dr. Khalil Al Qatawneh

Dr. Patricia A. Emmons

Dr. Ahmad sulieman Alobiedat

Dr. Heather A. Pacheco-Guffrey

Dr.Khalid Soudy

Dr. Navid Fozi Abivard

Dr .Lama Majed Al-Qaisy

Dr. Jabbar AL-Obaidi

Dr. Ibrahim Ahmad Alshara

Dr . Majed Omoosh

Ismail Ali Alrtaimat

–      Theme I

Higher Education and Socially Responsible StrategiesCultural Competencies in Teaching and Learning Social Justice, Diversity and InclusionCurriculum, Teaching, and LearningTeaching Style and Learning AccommodationsSpecial EducationLanguage Learning and Teaching (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages [TESOL])

 –      Theme II  

Educational IntelligenceCyber securityStudent Recruitment and CollaborationsInstructional DesignStudent Experience

 –      Theme III

Open Educational Resources (OERs)COIL/Virtual ExchangeInteractive Technology in the Classroom

 –      Theme IIII

Psychological healthAutismPsychological adjustment


Participants should submit a preliminary research title and an abstract of no more than 400 words by December 18, 2022.

Abstract must include brief description, purpose, objectives, methodology, and theoretical framework.Authors will receive provisional acceptance of their proposals by January 5, 2023. Complete Research Paper (6,000 to 8,000 words-long, not including the title page and the list of references” should be received by April 20, 2023.

  Research paper must be original, not published anywhere and not being submitted to be published somewhere else

Accepted research papers may be published in an electronic book, conference electronic proceeding, or in an edited print book.

 Please email your Proposal Outline and the complete research papers to Dr. Boivin, Jackie at  Dr. Rao, Madhu at

In Arabic

Free registration for participants from Sidi Mohammad Ben Abdellah University, Fes, Morocco (Bridgewater state university, Bridgewater, Massachusetts, USA, and The Faculty of Educational Sciences (HOST), Tafila Technical university, Tafila, Jordan

$400:  Individual registration includes accommodations for 3 nights and meals during the conference sessions.   Individual registration for each author or co-author is required. REFUNDS