The Department of Admission and Registration is the best and the fastest in providing service at Tafila Technical University.


 It aims to provide a distinguished service to both students and the teaching staff, based on speed, accuracy, reliance on electronic programs and existing human resources. Also, it aims to be the best in light of the successive changes in the academic and local environment.


  • Developing the electronic program for admission and registration so that it is 100% reliable in the admission and registration processes and extracting various results related to students, teaching faculty and various statistics.
  • Reaching the student’s self-registration stage through the internet and cell phone, and obtaining all the details of his academic status through this service.
  • Raising the efficiency of the unit’s workers by relying on the different courses and learning about the experiences of others and trying to seek to obtain distinguished competencies.
  • Contributing to increase the number of accepted students by involving the unit’s employees in international exhibitions that are concerned with promoting universities everywhere, especially in the Gulf region, East Asia, Syria, and other countries.


  • Creativity and achievement
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Justice and integrity
  • Team work
  • Transparency


  • Head of Information and Programming section
  • Head of Academic Schedule section
  • Head of Scientific Colleges Registration section
  • Head of Document  and Certification Audit section
  • Head of Study Plans section
  • Head of Technical College Registration section
  • Head of Humanitarian Colleges Registration section
  • Head of Graduate Studies section
  • Head of Admission section