Assistant Director for Technical Affairs Responsibilities

  • Contributes to the preparation of the center’s annual plan in cooperation with the director of the center.
  • Follows the quarterly and annual plans.
  • Follows the implementation of plans with colleges.
  • Follows the procedures of the university competency-based test.
  • Follows and coordinates the courses held at the Center.
  • Follows the needs of the center.


Assistant Director for Administration Responsibilities

  • Assisting the director in organizing, planning and implementing the center’s plans.
  • Coordinating work within the center.
  • Ensuring that the specified schedules are met.
  • Following-up and assisting in achieving the goals by the employees.
  • Tracking progress in goals periodically.
  • Assessing the employee’s performance and identifying recruitment and training needs.
  • Supervising and motivating employees to do their best.
  • Handling the complaints and suggestions submitted to the center.
  • Ensuring that all employees comply with the laws and instructions.
  • Following the attendance and absence of staff.