We are pleased to welcome you to the website of Tafila Technical University Library, which provides its services to the beneficiaries in order to access the sources of information they need in the fastest way and in the least possible time, as information has become a feature of this era, and the cornerstone of the progress of nations, and the renaissance of a nation has become linked to the amount of information it possesses.

And because the library is the repository of science, and one of the most important pillars of knowledge, the library department sought to provide a large number of sources of various kinds: traditional and electronic by subscribing to electronic databases, and searching in the electronic library, which includes the library index and electronic archiving of periodicals in addition to CDs. In an effort to support the educational and academic process at the university.

Also, the library will not hesitate to provide any book needed by researchers from Arab and international publishing houses and from public university libraries that are not available in the university library by submitting a request for that from faculty members or dear students to be in their hands as soon as possible.

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