JJEE vol. 3, no. 2, 2017

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Anti-Sway System for Container Cranes with Coordinated Motion Control and Reduced Dynamic Loads

Kamal Khandakji, Victor Busher, Lubov Melnikova

86-101 pdf

Fault-Tolerant Routing in Mesh-Connected Multicomputers based on Majority-Operator-Produced Transfer Direction Identifiers

Jamil S. Al-Azzeh 102-111 Free access

Detection and Classification of Voltage Variations using Combined Envelope-Neural Network Based Approach

Eyad A. Feilat, Rafat R. Aljarrah, Mohammed B. Rifai 112-124 pdf

Reduced Cell Size Metamaterial Based Wideband Infrared Absorber

Hamzeh M. Jaradat 126-137 pdf

Sniffer Mobile Robot Performance Enhancement-Based Averaging-Adaptive Wavelet Transform Method

Omar R. Daoud, Qadri J. Hamarsheh, Ahlam A. Damati 138-149 pdf

Lifting Based S-Box for Scalable Block Cipher Design Based on Filter Banks

Saleh S. Saraireh

150-158 pdf

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