JJEE vol. 3, no. 1, 2017

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A Novel Approach for Parasitic Decoupling Element Design for MIMO Applications

Saqer S. Alja’afreh, Yi Huang, Lei Xing, Qian Xu

1-18 pdf

A New Reduced Switch Count Three Phase Series Parallel Switched Multilevel Inverter

R. Geetha, M.Ramaswamy 19-33 Free access

Improved Clipping Technique for Reducing the Peak to Average Power Ratio in OFDM Systems

Khalid G. Samarah 35-47 pdf

Quality of Service Estimation of Multimedia Transmission Using Nonlinear Autoregressive Exogenous Model

Yazeed A. Al-Sbou 49-63 pdf

A High-Gain Low Noise Amplifier for RFID Front-Ends Reader

Zaid Albataineh, Yazan Hamadeh, Jafar Moheidat, Ahmad Dagamseh, Idrees Al-Kofahi, Mohammed Alsumady 65-74 pdf

High Renewable Energy Penetration Impact on Voltage and Transient Stability

Aouda A. Arfoa

75-85 pdf

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