JJEE vol. 2, no. 3, 2016

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AirServer: a Mind-Controlled Assistive Quadrotor Drone Aided by an Intelligent Fuzzy PD Controller

Abdel Ilah N. Alshbatat, Liang Dong and Peter J. Vial

181-198 pdf

Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Voltage Sourced Converters-Based High Voltage DC Transmission System (VSC-HVDC)0

Khaled M. Alawasa

199-213 Free access

Optimized Parallel Architecture of Kalman Filter for Radar Tracking Applications

Amin A. Jarrah

215-230 pdf

Performance Evaluation of Underwater Acoustic Communications Utilizing Low Complexity Encoding and Decoding Algorithms

Saif E. A. Alnawayseh and Aser M. Matarneh 231-239 pdf

A New Algorithm for Reactive Power Compensation in Industrial Plant

Ayman Agha

241-252 pdf

Excitation Control of a Synchronous Generator Using Neural Networks and Simulated Annealing Controllers

Ali S. Al-Dmour

253-269 pdf



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