JJEE vol. 2, no. 2, 2016

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 Editorial Preface

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 Spanner-Shaped Ultra-Wideband Monopole Antenna  with Bluetooth and GSM Coverage

Shaimaa' Naser and Nihad Dib

94-106 pdf

Modeling, Simulation and Control of Photovoltaic Based DSTATCOM

Gunjan Varshney, D. S. Chauhan and M. P. Dave

108-124 Free access

Computer-Aided Diagnosis of Microcalcification Clusters Using Morphology Based Features and PSO-SVM Parameter Selection Approach

Imad M. Zyout

126-144 pdf

Energy-Efficient Routing in Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks: Optimization and Analysis

Amjad K. Abu-Baker 146-159 pdf

Thorough Investigation of BER Simulation of DPSK in Underwater Acoustic Channel

Aser M. Matarneh

160-171 pdf

Quality Indicators of Traditional Synchronization Systems

Ali S. Akayleh and Emad S. Addasi

172-180 pdf




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