JJEE vol. 2, no. 1, 2016

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Energy Management and Control of a Stand-Alone Photovoltaic/Ultra Capacitor/Battery Microgrid

Ehsan Jamshidpour, Philippe Poure and Shahrokh Saadate

1-12 pdf

Voltage Flicker Estimation and Mitigation Using Combined MUSIC-DVR Technique

Eyad A. Feilat, Darwish A. Abu Qdoum and Mohammed B. Rifai

13-28 Free access

Polarization Ellipse Technique for Fault Classification and Localization in Distribution Systems with High Renewable Generation Penetration

Qais H. Alsafasfeh and Mohammad S. Al-Soud

29-52 pdf

Effect of Loading of VSI-Fed Three-Phase Induction Motor on the Line Current THD

Kamal A. Khandakji

53-60 pdf

Solar Powered SCADA Infrastructure Serving Different Smart Grid Applications

Qutaiba I. Ali

61-79 pdf

Short-Term Load Forecasting Based on NARX and Radial Basis Neural Networks Approaches for the Jordanian Power Grid

Mohammed A. Momani, Wasseem H. Alrousan and Amin T. Alqudah

81-93 pdf



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