JJEE vol. 1, no. 1, 2015

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Discrimination between Transformer Inrush Current and Internal Fault using Combined DFT-ANN Approach

Eyad A. Feilat 1-12 pdf

Analysis of Brushless DC Motor with Trapezoidal Back EMF using MATLAB

Taha A. Hussein 13-24 Free access

Control of AC/DC Converter under Unbalanced System Conditions

Hussein. D. Al-Majali and Bilal. H. Al-Majali 25-36 pdf

Speed Synchronization of Single-Phase Induction Motors by Electrical Shaft System

Ali S. Akayleh 37-44 pdf

Performance Evaluation for Large Scale Star Topology IEEE 802.15.4 Based WSN

Ziyad K. Farej and Ali M. Abdul-Hameed

45-54 pdf


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