JJEE vol. 2, no. 4, 2016

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Folded, Low Profile Multiband Loop Antenna for 4G Smartphone Applications

Saqer S. Alja’afreh

270-277 pdf

Analytical Representation of Control Processes of Induction Motor and Synchronous Generator in Power Plants

Mahmoud M. Al-Suod, Alexander O. Ushkarenka 278-288 Free access

Fuzzy On-Line Monitoring System for Yogurt Fermentation Using Ultrasonic Characteristics

Ahmad F. Aljaafreh 290-299 pdf

A Novel Respiration Rate Monitoring System Using Optical Technique

Qasem M. Qananwah 300-310 pdf

Enhancement of Voltage Stability and Line Loadability by Reconfiguration of Radial Electrical Power Distribution Networks on the Basis of Seasonal Load Change

Kultar D. Singh 312-320 pdf

Active Vibration Control of Cantilever Beam System Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Ali S. Al-Dmour

322-338 pdf

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