JJEE vol. 1, no. 2, 2015

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Novel Adaptive Hysteresis Current Controller for Active Power Filters
Eyad k. Almaita and Johnson A. Asumadu 55-72 pdf
An Image Processing Approach for Marble Classification 
Hussein R. Al-Zoubi, Mahmood A. Al-Khassaweneh and Ibrahim A. Altawil
73-81 Free access
On Metastability Resilience of Multi-Gate MOSFETs
Ziyad A. Al-Tarawneh
83-92 pdf
Radon-Slantlet Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access Transceiver Design and Simulation under Different Channel Conditions 
Abbas H. Kattoush
93-109 pdf
Performance Comparison of Coded OFDM System with Cooperative Diversity and Multi-Antenna Receiver Diversity using QAM Modulation 
Saif E. A. Alnawayseh
111-123 pdf
Robot for Real Time Detection of Nuclear Radiation Levels
Mohammad I. Alfraheed, Abdullah O. Al-Zaghameem, Ahmed E. Almasri and Raed A. Abu-Deyeh
125-139 pdf

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