Writing and Translation Unit

Writing and Translation Unit

The Writing and Translation Unit at Tafila Technical University was founded on December 4, 2014. It is administratively housed by the college of arts, but its services of academic writing, technical writing, creative writing, technical translation, legal translation, general translation, editing and proof reading are extended to all university students, colleges, departments and centers.

The foundation of the Writing and Translation Unit can be viewed as a practical translation of the vision and mission of the college of arts in its aspiration to open up to students, other colleges, different departments of the university and the local community. As we devote our potentials and expertise to the staff and students, we encourage them to take advantage of the educational, training and advisory services the unit offers to help them develop their writing, translation and editing skills. We are also delighted to announce that the unit offers the services of translation, editing and proof-reading of the documents and correspondences that are related to the official work of the university’s different colleges and departments, and centers.

  • Vision

    The unit seeks to develop students’ writing, translation, editing and proof reading skills by holding specialized training courses and workshops, charging faculty and distinctive students to work for it, and encouraging students as well as staff to visit or contact it via the language phone, email or facebook.
  • Mission

    • Offering translation services from Arabic into other languages and vice versa to the university’s different directorates and departments. This will definitely reinforce  communication between TTU and other technical, academic, scientific and research institutions around the world.
    • Editing and proof-reading texts in Arabic, English and other languages for the different directorates and departments of the university.
    • Translating the most valuable and contemporary resources on engineering, technologies and sciences from English and other languages into Arabic to enrich Arab libraries with translated texts and transfer sciences and technologies to the Arab World.
    • Composing and publishing educational books on translation, writing and editing.
    • Organizing specialized training courses and workshops to develop students and staff’s writing, translation and editing skills.
    • Reinforcing communication and interaction between students and faculty by the formation of a work team composed of members of the teaching staff in the departments of English and Arabic and a group of distinctive students in both departments. The composition of the work team will undermine age and social differences between students and faculty.
    • Training and qualifying the students working for the unit to work as translators and editors after they graduate. 

       At Tafila 66110 Jordan

  • landline: 0096232250326
  • Fax :0096232250002
  • DCO: 0096265525326
  • presidency@ttu.edu.jo

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