Divisions of Student Affairs

Divisions of Student Affairs

  • Student Activities and Commissions

    This department organizes cultural, artistic and social activities to develop students’ characters through  carefully deliberated programs that are designed to focus on deepening the spiritual and moral values of the nation, patriotism, and Arab nationalism,  developing the talents of students  and reinforcing qualities of leadership, constructive citizenship,  and the close connection  between intellect and good manners.

    It supervises  TTU Students Union, student organizations and clubs and seeks to satisfy students’ interests and hobbies, discover and develop their talents and creative potentials by engaging them in the cultural competitions, parties and seminars that the university, local community or other universities and cultural institutions hold in several fields, including  Quran memorisation and recitation, poetry, short stories, drama, the writing of essays,  and investigative journalism; the deanship  honours all outstanding students in these events and provides them with awards .

    It also supervises the participation of the university in different activities and organisation of parties and seminars enacted by the university and the local community. It also receives student delegations hosted by the university in different activities inside and outside the university campus. In addition, it contributes to preparing plans (yearly and each term), supervising camps and programs linked to Prince Hassan Award (Al-Sabalah) and spreading it out among students.

  • Sports Activities

    This department is established to set up plans for various sports activities in order to spread sport activities among students whether they belong to members of sports teams or students desiring to practice sports activities depending upon their desires and preferences to raise up the level of physical, health and psychological fitness and exploit their spare time in doing physical exercises. The department also seeks to build bridges of true partnership with public and private institutions in Tafila governorate and in different parts of the country by participating in many official and friendly tournaments and sports competitions.

    TTU is one of the distinguished members of Sports Federation of Jordanian Universities, which is currently hosted by the university. The university directs all activities and tournaments organized by the Union, as the director of the department is the head of the technical committee of the Federation. The division is an active and effective member of Sports Federation of University Colleges and Middle Colleges.

  • Accommodation

    This department is responsible for providing female students from governorates other than Tafila with appropriate accommodation and helping students residing there. Three accommodations undergo the supervision of this department. One is on campus and the other two are only 300 meters from the north and west gate of the university. These accommodate 700 female students who stay in rooms furnished with all the necessary facilities in return for a small amount of money paid at the end of each term. These facilities include reading rooms, TV rooms, heating and hot water services, telephone services, medical services in emergencies. A number of competent supervisors work for these accommodations.

  • Student Services

    This department offers many services for new and old students. These include issuing TTU ID cards,  setting up electronic student information records and in paper, issuing student documents such as good behaviour certificates, student financial statements, and others, and following up student health insurance  in collaboration with the university clinic, Ministry of Health medical  centres , government hospitals,  Prince Zeid Bin Al Hussein Military Hospital  in Tafila, and others, in addition to student life insurance with a maximum of 2000 JD in death cases , and following  up the decisions and recommendations of the Student Disciplinary Board and the commissions of inquiry with the students.

    Department of Student Services Psychological Counselling Office seeks to provide psychological counselling services through a psychological counselling specialist team in all areas of counselling       (social, psychological, family, educational, etc.). It also offers group and individual counselling for TTU students, monitoring and following up student problems in order to solve them, in addition to conducting educational field studies on the problems facing the students for proposing appropriate solutions.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Department / King Abdullah II Fund for Development

    In translation of the initiatives of His Majesty King Abdullah II, Vocational Rehabilitation Department has been established in all universities in Jordan to offer technical and professional advice and guidance to university students in the fields of communication and job seeking. This has increased the graduates’ competitiveness for employment and reinforced collaboration and communication between the Vocational Rehabilitation Department, on the one hand, and the private and public sectors and the various institutions of the civil society such as King Abdullah II Fund for Development, All Jordan Youth Commission,  Injaz Foundation, Darb Internship Program,  Juthour Internship Program and Irada Foundation , on the other hand. The deanship organizes several rehabilitation programs and activities in the hall of King Abdullah II Fund for Development in cooperation with the sponsoring organizations. 



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