Mineral and natural resources

Mineral and natural resources



 Tafila has distinguished natural resources, as it contains many minerals, rocks and industrial resources , several of which have not been exploited yet. Some Jordanian leading  companies  have been exploiting some of these resources. This is apparent in Jordan Phosphate Mines  exploiting phosphate ores available in the district of Al-Hisa  and  Jordan Cement Factories extracting the raw materials necessary for the production of cement in Rashadiyah factory; the most important of these raw materials include limestone and clay stone, whereas  industrial rocks available in the governorate include oil rocks in Jurf Adaraweesh , perlite near Al-Hasa,  dolomite near Rashadiyah, and gypsum in the area of  Meleih Mount  near Tafila city, feldspar, and  phosphate ores.

 The most well-known minerals in the governorate include copper (Pure copper reserves  are estimated  by  one million metric tons) and manganese (Its reserves are estimated by nearly half a million metric tons).  There are also a number of factories, including a textile factory, a yogurt factory, a factory for the production of  juices and drying fruit, and a factory for stone dressing.


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