Hot springs

Hot springs

  • Afra Spa Baths

    Afra, well-known for its mineral water baths, is located 26 km north of the city of Tafila. The hot water flows from 15 different water springs, whose average temperatures range from 45 to 48 C, to form streams and waterfalls that collect in mineral water pools . 

    Afra Baths includes a centre for tourist services and medical clinics for the purposes of medical tourism. The healing properties of Afra Baths help  in the treatment of infertility, arteriosclerosis, anemia, rheumatism and many other chronic diseases. The Romans knew the secret of hot mineral water, so they used it in healing .

  • Al-Barbaytah Spa Baths 

    Al-Barbaytah Spa Baths are Located in the southern part of Wadi Al-Hisa before its confluence with the Wadi Afra north Tafila . These baths are characterized by a moderate water temperature, as the water temperature reaches 49 ° C, 


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